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Honey Meyer Lemon Shaken Iced Tea

Posted on June 05 2018

Honey Meyer Lemon Shaken Iced Tea

Enjoy this refreshingly bold and flavorful shaken iced tea, featuring bright notes of citrus and cooling peppermint. Not only is this tea fun to make (and shake!), it’s also caffeine-free for the kids. Honey rounds out the tart Meyer lemon flavor, but it’s entirely optional.


2 tea bags Stash Meyer Lemon
8-10 mint leaves
8 oz hot water (recommended at 190-210 °F)
3-4 tsp honey (or added to taste)
14 oz ice


Put 2 tea bags of Stash Meyer Lemon herbal tea and mint in a small pitcher. Add hot water and steep for 3 minutes. Gently muddle tea bags and mint for about 1 minute during the steeping; be careful not to break the tea bags!

Once the tea is done, remove the tea bags and add honey to taste. Stir well to combine.

Fill a shaker about two-thirds full with ice. Pour the tea and mint leaves into the shaker, put the lid on, and shake well until frothy! Pour into a tall glass and serve.

Makes one 16 oz drink

Honey Meyer Lemon

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