Pumpkin Spice Passion – Stash Tea Canada

Pumpkin Spice Passion

Impress your friends this pumpkin spice season with a boozy, sweet, creamy twist

Total Time: 10 minutes Makes 2 Cups Tea Type  Pumpkin Spice Tea

Pumpkin Spice Passion

Our Pumpkin Spice Tea starts with notes of bold black tea and a smooth finish of pumpkin and cinnamon. Add a little 1921 Tequila Cream, passion fruit syrup, and a splash of American coffee for a quick and delicious sip of fall.


4 tea bags Stash Premium Green Tea or Decaf Stash Premium Green Tea
½ cup hot water
2 cups of milk (or your favourite alternative milk option)
2 oz amaretto syrup




Brew tea bags in 1 cup of water on low-medium heat for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and discard tea bags.

Add ice, tequila cream, passion fruit syrup, tea, and American coffee to a shaker. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds and garnish with blackberries.

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