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Breakfast in Paris Milk Tea Recipe with Boba

Posted on April 09 2021

Breakfast in Paris Milk Tea Recipe with Boba


Celebrate #NationalBubbleTeaDay (every year on April 30) with this delicious milk tea recipe. You no longer need to wait in line to get your bubble tea fix. Follow the simple steps below to make milk tea in the comfort of your own home. Instead of a plain black tea, we used our Breakfast in Paris, which is a hybrid of lavender tea and Earl Grey.   


  • 2 tea bags Stash Breakfast in Paris Black Tea
  • 6 oz hot water
  • 2 oz cold water
  • 3 tbsp sweetener of choice (simple syrup works great)
  • 5 oz milk or milk alternative
  • Cooked tapioca pearls
  • Ice


1. Steep 2 Stash Breakfast in Paris tea bags in 6 ounces of hot water, swirling the bags occasionally for 3 minutes.⁣
2. Remove the tea bags and discard. Add 2 ounces of cold water to the hot tea to make 8 ounces total.⁣
3. Put 16 ounces of ice in a shaker and pour the tea over the ice. Add 3 Tablespoons of simple syrup or any alternative sweetener to taste.⁣
4. Add 4-6 ounces of your choice of milk or milk alternative and place the lid on shaker and shake well. ⁣
5. Pour over cooked tapioca pearls, top with fresh ice, and enjoy!⁣

Don’t have Stash Breakfast in Paris tea?

The fragrant lavender and bergamot flavors make this recipe really tasty, but if you don’t have any Breakfast in Paris on hand and are dying for a boba tea fix, our other Earl Grey blends would be great as well! Our Earl Grey is a flavorful classic, but you can also choose Double Bergamot Earl Grey for a boost of citrusy bergamot flavor or our Decaf Earl Grey for a low-caffeine option. 


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