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Empowering the Rebels and Rulers of Tomorrow

Posted on November 29 2019

Empowering the Rebels and Rulers of Tomorrow

Throughout history, tea has been a cultural catalyst. Teatime not only brought people together, but conversations over tea also sparked changes in society by fueling and financing revolutions and suffrage. A better tomorrow was always possible when ideas were shared over a pot of tea. And it’s our mission at Stash to continue this legacy.

Nurturing a better tomorrow as a Certified B Corporation

In addition to our core purpose of crafting deliciously bold, all-natural teas, our commitment to responsible business has been equally important to us since the very beginning. In 2017, we officially became a Certified B Corporation, meaning we adhere to the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. Unlike traditional corporations, we adhere to our promise by continuing to balance profit, people, planet, and purpose in our path to business growth.

We work tirelessly to make a positive impact on the world, ensuring the diversity and boldness we produce in our tea flavors is also translated to how we contribute to our community. We want to empower and nurture a better tomorrow, where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed no matter your age, gender, race, sexual preference, or nationality, by promoting inclusivity and diversity in the workplace. 

Nami Yamamoto, Stash Tea's CEO | Empowering Rebels and Rulers of Tomorrow
Nami Yamamoto, Stash Tea's CEO

It's not easy to be a young female CEO from a different country. However, our workplace allows us to be unique and true to ourselves. Our colleagues join us from all over the world, and are encouraged to be confident in decisions drawn from their diverse expertise substantiated by evidence. We embrace one another's cultural differences, and we benefit from perspectives provided by colleagues from different generations. I'm always happy to see colleagues bring part of their culture, whether it is domestic or from abroad, and add it to the current work environment to make us better overall.  

Giving back to support the leaders of tomorrow on #GivingTuesday

In addition to championing positive change within our workplace, we also remain dedicated to affecting change in our community as well.

On December 3rd we will be participating in Giving Tuesday, partnering with customers in a collaborative give-back effort. For every order placed, Stash will be donating $2 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America on behalf of our customers.

Similar to Stash, the Boys & Girls Club of America believes in building the leaders of tomorrow. They work to enable all youth and teens—of every race, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, ability, socio-economic status, and religion—in reaching their full potential, having helped over 4.73 million youths in the last year by giving them access to empowering experiences and opportunities.

This Giving Tuesday charity drive follows similar fundraisers carried out by Stash, where we partner with our customers and employees to raise awareness and donations towards a community-driven cause. Last year, together we raised $3000 for the California Community Foundation Wildfire Relief and donated over 65,000 tea bags to Chico Natural Foods Co-op after the California wildfires in 2018.

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