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About Hibiscus

Posted on January 20 2016

About Hibiscus


Infused hibiscus is a universal beverage consumed both hot and cold throughout the world. Some refer to it as roselle, a common name for the hibiscus flower. Even the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt would enjoy a cold cup to refresh themselves from the desert heat.

Hibiscus originated in India and Malaysia and eventually made its way into Africa. Seeds are said to have been brought to the Americas by African slaves. Today, hibiscus infusions are still a popular beverage and can be found in cafés from Cairo to Panama, where it is enjoyed as a Christmas-time beverage.

Flavor Notes

Our 100% Sudanese Hibiscus brews a lustrous, deep crimson color in the cup and has a full-bodied, tart flavor, similar to cranberry. It can be drunk hot or iced, but either way it is usually taken with a touch of sugar. Honey, agave and orange peel would also bring out the more complex notes of this deliciously tangy, caffeine-free tisane.

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