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3 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Posted on January 31 2020

3 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day | Dessert Teas | Stash Tea

(that aren’t dinner and a movie with your special someone.)

1. Celebrate Your Lover

Ahh. Valentine’s Day. 24 hours dedicated to love. The day where we shower our favorite person with the most thoughtful gifts of chocolates and flowers... Sound familiar? As much as we love chocolate-covered strawberries, we believe that out-of-the-norm gifts can be incredibly romantic.

One thing we are 1000% about is showering those you love with displays of affection that make them feel special. This year, get your Valentine something truly thoughtful. Something original, fun, and especially tasty.

Here’s our suggestion: if you were planning on getting your loved one flowers, get them some floral teas instead. If your Valentine loves chocolates, our chocolate teas and dessert teas are the perfect choice for indulging in a unique (and calorie-free!) way.

Keep scrolling to read more about our favorite dessert and floral teas.

2. Celebrate Yourself

The self-love movement is strong 💪🏻 and we couldn’t be more into it. If you're celebrating Valentine’s Day solo, consider turning off those rom coms that create incredibly unrealistic expectations of relationships. Prince Charming, who? We have some suggestions to help you celebrate the most important person in your life. (Hint: that person is you.)

  • Put your kettle on and brew up our Breakfast in Paris tea. (It’s practically like buying yourself a lavender bouquet of caffeine.)
  • Get outside! Netflix won’t miss you too much.
  • If it’s too cold for some time in nature, treat yo’self by doing something creative. Draw, paint, dance, make macaroni jewelry, cook a thirteen course meal all for yourself. Whatever outlet you choose, you might be surprised with how you feel after getting out of your normal routine.
  • Some people sad-binge on Valentine’s Day chocolates when this day rolls around, but not you! Brew up one of our chocolate teas and enjoy drinking something indulgent (and completely guiltless).
  • Thank yourself for being so awesome and adventurous. As usual.

3. Celebrate Your Friends

Valentine's Day is also known as National Single Awareness Day, but we’re loving the trend of celebrating Galentine’s Day instead. If you’re thinking of hosting a get-together with friends, what could be more perfect than getting dressed up and throwing a tea party? (Please invite us if you do, we love an excuse to dress up.)

A Galentine’s Day tea party might be a little more fun if you offer some cocktail options. This Earl Grey Lavender Bourbon Punch recipe is already “party-sized”, and makes enough for 10 guests. What can you expect from this cocktail?  It takes elegant and adventurous flavors, pours ‘em in a pitcher to serve up some fun for your taste buds. 

Keep scrolling to see our three favorite teas to serve on Galentine’s Day.

Chocolate Tea Recommendations

Chocolate Mint Oolong Tea

Name a more iconic duo than chocolate and mint. I’ll wait...

Maybe you’ve never tried a dessert tea. This Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to start. And this tea is the perfect tea to start with.

The oolong tea found in our tea bags are sourced from the Wuyi Mountains of China and it makes this cuppa particularly smooth and bold. Oolong tea combines with our chocolate and Pacific Northwest peppermint to bring you a guiltless way to get a caffeine boost while you treat yo’self.

Shop our Chocolate Mint Oolong tea now

Chocolate Hazelnut Decaf Black Tea

Did you know that chocolate is actually known as the other Vitamin C? Kidding. But it is known to make people feel good. And isn’t that the goal of Lover’s Day? To those who have yet to try chocolate tea, we hope you can get more Vitamin C in your life this way. It’s legitimately a whole experience in a teacup. It’s sweet, smooth, and rich. You deserve some in your life.

We love the fact that our teas are flavored naturally and don’t have any added sugar. But if you’re looking to make this bomb-dot-com chocolate tea even more decadent, just add some milk and sugar. You can enjoy this dessert tea any time of the day and feel good about it, especially since all Stash decaf teas are decaffeinated naturally.

Shop our Chocolate Hazelnut Decaf Black tea in tea bags

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If these flavors aren’t making you drool, maybe these other dessert teas will.

Floral Tea Recommendations

Stumped on what to gift your person, people, or yourself? Floral teas are a fun way to get the love vibes out there, without gifting something that’ll be dead in a week. 🥀

Breakfast in Paris

As they say in Paris, voilá. Our Breakfast in Paris tea has that certain je ne sais quoi. We think it comes from our bright, precisely blended mix of the best lavender, bergamot oil and vanilla with a full-bodied black tea. This interesting and fragrant tea blend will inspire your bold side, and might make you fall in love...with the tea, that is.

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