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Witches Brew Tea Cocktail

This witches brew is the perfect potion to set your Halloween party in motion. 

Total Time: 5 minutes Serves: 6  Type: Ginger Fire Chai

Witches Brew Tea Cocktail

It summons the flavors of fall with a dash of spice and handful of magic. No spell needed—this witches brew recipe is easy to conjure! Simply combine apple cider, ginger beer, dark rum and and a tea-based simple syrup made with Ginger Fire Chai into your cauldron and enjoy some scoops of spooks.

Ginger Fire Chai Tea Simple Syrup Ingredients:

1 cup water
4 Stash Ginger Fire Chai tea bags
1 cup granulated sugar
1/8 Tablespoon almond extract

Witches Brew Ingredients:

Serves: 6 ghouls

4 cups unfiltered apple cider
1/2 cup aged dark rum
1/4 cup ginger beer
3 Tablespoons Ginger Fire Chai Tea Simple Syrup

Ginger Chai Tea Simple Syrup Directions:

Serves: 6 ghouls

Steep the 4 Stash Ginger Fire Chai tea bags for 3-5 minutes. Remove the tea bags and add 1 cup of sugar, stirring to dissolve. If necessary, turn heat back on to help melt the sugar.
Allow to cool completely before using.

Witches Brew Directions:

In a large serving bowl, measure out and mix together the apple cider, ginger beer, simple syrup, and rum until syrup has dissolved. Serve over ice and enjoy!


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