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Almond Tea Latte

If you like your tea lattes strong (and we haven’t met anyone looking for weak tea…), this Almond Tea Latte is magically delectable.

Total Time: 5 Minutes Makes: 2 Cups of Tea Type: Super Irish Breakfast or Stash English Breakfast

Almond Tea Latte

For this recipe, we used our Super Irish Breakfast tea. It’s one of our strongest breakfast blends and can hold its own when combined with milk or cream.


8 Super Irish Breakfast tea bags (Stash English Breakfast will also work)
4 cups water
1 ounce almond syrup
1 cup whole milk (or your favorite alternative non-dairy option)
Ground nutmeg or chocolate


Prepare a strong tea by steeping the tea bags in the boiling water for 5 minutes. Remove tea bags. Pour 5 oz of hot tea into each tea cup, add almond syrup and stir.

Steam whole milk and top tea with a little steamed milk. Garnish with whipped cream if desired and ground nutmeg or cinnamon.

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