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Microplastics in Our Tea Bags? We Wouldn't Dare

Posted on October 11 2019

Microplastics in Our Tea Bags? We Wouldn't Dare

It’s all over the news and we’re concerned too, not knowing how microplastics could affect us, our bodies, and our environment. But the good news is that our tea bags don’t contain any microplastics.

So what’s in Stash’s tea bags, you ask? Well, just some good ol’ fashioned wood!

Let’s tap into our scientific side to better understand exactly what we’re dealing with here.

Our tea bags are made from 100% wood cellulose fibers, which is essentially paper. The process we use to make them appear white is by forcing air between the fibers. Test results conclude that chlorine dioxide is not present in our tea bag filter paper meaning we don’t use bleach. Great, right?!

Epichlorohydrin for tea bags is used to keep paper from breaking down when wet. Unfortunately, it’s also activated by hot water. It's a common chemical found in a lot of products, but we’ve found it just isn't necessary in our tea bags. Our filter paper is not coated or contain any free epichlorohydrin.

I know, we’re stoked too! When our tea bags are made, they’re folded by our amazing machines and threaded with the string—so we don’t use any glue either! All in all, we expect our tea to have the best flavor in the cup because, like you, we care that tea is bold and flavorful, not bold and full of plastic.

Like these moves?

We call it the Stash-Tea-Bags-Don’t-Contain-Microplastics shimmy. Pretty great, right?

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